Tuesday, 11 December 2018

My balanced argument

The issue is people are cutting down trees. Some people believe that we should cut trees however some people believe we shouldn’t cut trees down. We are going to look at both sides of the argument. If we cut trees down we can make paper, fire wood, bark, lollie rappers and chewing gum.we can also use roots and leaves to make oils, cosmetics along with medicines. As well as using the sap the flows through the trees you can make paint, soap, crayons and maple syrup. On the other side of the argument people think we shouldn’t chop trees down. Firstly if we cut trees down there will be less oxygen for us along with the animals that live in the trees such as koala, spider monkey, green tree python and much more. Secondly these animals will lose their home. Animals like birds and monkeys live in trees so when the trees get chopped down they will have nowhere to live. Thirdly they will lose there food because they might eat leaves and stems. Also trees a beautiful part of nature. There are both sides of the argument. I personally believe we should keep trees because it harms us and animals to. However others believe we should cut trees to make oil, cosmetics and medicines.

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